The Virtual Data Room you've been looking for all this time.

Custom Branding

ShareSecure offers several options for presenting your users with a custom-branded experience:

  • Branded URL
  • ShareSecure is accessible at the custom sub-domain of your choice, ie Link to your custom sub-domain from your website for a seamless, branded experience.

  • Branded log-in page
  • ShareSecure provides a custom-branded experience throughout the user experience, from the log-in page to the application's custom-branded header and sidebar.

  • Custom disclaimers
  • Require your data room users agree to your custom terms & conditions upon login, and remind them of those terms by running a custom boilerplate along the bottom of the application at all times.

Activity Feeds

ShareSecure features easy-to-digest activity feeds that provide you with real-time updates on the activity inside your data room. Find out who is logging in, what they're looking at, who your colleagues are inviting, and all the the documents that have been uploaded. You can even drill down on the activities related specifically to a document or a specific user or group.

User Management

With ShareSecure, it's easy to control and view who has access to documents on a user-by-user basis. Need to quickly and securely share just one document with just one person? No problem—no folders or groups needed. Just drag and drop the file onto the user in ShareSecure and we'll let the user know via email that you've shared a new document with them.

Group Management

Use ShareSecure's group feature to create and manage groups of users that require similar access without having to duplicate the effort required to grant them access individually. Working with a deal team or a group of prospects? Or maybe you have a group of hundreds of investors that should all receive similar access? Create a group, add those users to the group one time and start providing document access to that group instantly.

Drag & Drop Bulk Uploads

ShareSecure's document upload wizard makes it easy to upload multiple documents at once simply and all at once. Just drag and drop as many files as you'd like to the wizard. You can rename the file if necessary and categorize them. And once the documents are uploaded, ShareSecure will prompt you to share the documents you've uploaded with groups and/or users.

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