Correspond Investor Edition

Generate & Distribute Documents

Communicate Efficiently

Take your communications to the next level with a fully integrated email marketing solution on the Salesforce Platform.

Generate Documents

Create personalized documents and automatically populate allocation amounts with flexibility to provide certain investors different templates.

Contact Preferences

Once you’ve set communication preferences, Correspond Investor Edition automatically applies them to all future mailings.

Single-Source of Truth

Bridge the gap between your CRM, front and back-office and eliminate the need to switch between multiple systems.

Correspond Investor Edition

Use a communication and document distribution solution integrated directly with your CRM, so you no longer need to switch between systems that don’t talk to each other or spend hours auditing documents and communications preferences.

Easily generate personalized Capital Call Notices, PPMs, Distribution Notices, K1s, or Quarterly/Annual Reports and deliver in the manner investors want — email or directly to a secure Investor portal.


Fully Integrated with CRM and Portal


Create Personalized Emails


Generate Documents and Send as Attachments


Track Communication Preferences


Enhanced Delivery Reports

Correspond Investor Edition


Frequently Asked Questions

What can Correspond Investor Edition help me do?

Easily generate personalized Capital Call Notices, PPMs, Distribution Notices, K­1s, Quarterly/Annual Reports and more – and then deliver via email or to our LP Portal, ShareSecure.

How does Correspond create a single-source of truth?

By building communications directly from your CRM data, you can rest assured you are using the lastest and most accurate information in your system.

Do I need a portal to use Correspond Investor Edition?

No, if you choose to, you can send your generated documents directly through email. Personalized documents are split out and sent to each investor as an email attachment.

Can I track who views each document?

Yes, Correspond Investor Edition includes powerful delivery reports so you can see which investors have opened your emails and viewed the attached documents.

Correspond Investor Edition removed many of our friction points and saves us time with each batch. I appreciate the core functionality and a familiar flow, with an elevated UI and built in sanity checks to give me confidence that our LPs get the documents they expect.

Ashley Lonon

Sr. Client Management Representative, Edge Natural Resources

Powering The Top Tier

Communicate easier with Correspond.