Private Capital Analytics

Unify Data Sources

Create a centralized database by combining disparate information from multiple data sources to present updated, comprehensive dashboards.

Competitive Advantage

Embed Answers right in ShareSecure to empower investors and differentiate yourself as a firm through data visualization, filters, and more.

business intelligence

User-Driven Data

Fund managers need an edge to differentiate and compete for capital and deals. Answers is a business intelligence tool that allows you to connect, transform, normalize, and display all of your data across disparate systems. Use data analytics differently to answer questions and drive greater awareness with internal contacts, stakeholders, and investors.


  • Real-time data connections instead of downloading and updating information manually
  • Integrate virtually any data source–including flat files like Excel
  • Cloud-based to run seamlessly without long wait times or loading
  • Powerful data visualization and personalization
  • Embed directly into our portal, ShareSecure

Visualize Your Data

Centralize Your Data

Connect internal and external sources to ensure accuracy and operate your entire firm with a single source of truth.

Seamless Integrations

Minimize back-and-forth and data errors with integrations straight to source data, pulled on a schedule.

Portal Embed

Embed your portfolio performance in a secure portal to share directly with investors.

Immediate Answers

Stop using stale data reports. Pull data directly from your CRM or data sources in real-time.

With the shift from IT-led reporting to modern, business-led analytics, Altvia Answers is a future-proof solution specifically for these business users to visualize and interact with data to gain new insights that can make an impact on market opportunities.

Jeff Williams

Chief Strategy Officer, Altvia

Used by Leading Firms

Connect disparate data sources.